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I have very short decision-making paths. You always talk to the person doing the work. No salespeople, project managers, account managers or receptionists – I’m actually proud of that. And you profit from it!

But I am not alone. My copywriters are located in Blekinge, Gothenburg and Stockholm, the illustrators are in Skåne, Indonesia and Switzerland, and my main programmer commutes between Stockholm and the Philippines. I hire other specialist skills such as SEO, advertising and video from talented colleagues.

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Johan Linder
I became a web developer by accident!

How it all started…

2006: Got a request to build a website for Åstorp’s Table Tennis Club. First I built with Rapidweaver but in 2009 I moved everything to WordPress, and their site became mobile friendly back in 2012, long before other table tennis sites.

2012-2014: Started building websites as a side job. Aptitfabriken, Kullaleden, A Slice of Swedish Hospitality, ErnstsHus, Örestrand and others. Learned how to build multilingual sites with WPML. Many of these sites are still up.

2014: Built web for Swedish Orchestra Association. My first project with the Divi theme and my first store with WooCommerce. Their site is still operational. Greencon was my second Divi site, also still up.

2015: Moved from Helsingborg to Asia and got more and more assignments. I got involved in support groups on Facebook and founded the group Elegantthemes Sweden because there was a lack of a Swedish user group for Divi.

2016: Started collaborating with AttentionMedia. Built seven stores for Skivtryck and Discrepublic. I also build their artist portals and other sites, and manages the maintenance of several of their client sites.

2017: Started local collaborations, e.g. K-hotel, Equality Catering Co, Home is Kaapstad, Travel Kaapstad, IH Capetown, Aussie Bar, as well as Buko Beach Resort in El Nido and Ridetours in Melbourne. I still take care of the last two.

2017: Developed new collaborations in the Mittskåne region of Scania, Sweden. This led, among other things, to Nyrups Nature Hotel, Robusta Äventyr, Elisefarm, Mitt Skåne Entrepreneur Association, as well as assignments for Visit Mittskåne.

2019: Started collaborating with Cabello and built Trenza for them. I took over their main page Frisörgrossen in 2022 and rebuilt that store in Divi the following year. Then managed their graphics, promotions and newsletters.

2021: Became a partner with the Weekend Webexperts. I build new sites and help them with older client sites.

2022: Began to cooperate with Webpages NKLT. I build new and takes care of their older customer sites because they don’t work with WordPress themselves.

I have developed through collaboration with selfless and knowledgeable colleagues. With them I can offer SEO, advertising, copy, video, animation, illustration and programming. I am incredibly grateful for my great partners.

Half my working time I spend on existing customers with changes, good advice, assistance and support – I have time for your new website.
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My name is Johan Linder and I create websites in WordPress since 2009. Improve your business online with a website from me. I design and maintain websites with care. Check out my custom web site offer and my signature offer for small businesses and startups, website at fixed price. And finally, get a Care Plan to keep your web investment safe. Personal, accountable and affordable web design. I got your back always!




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