Custom website

Are you ready for a website you can’t wait to show the world?

Show the world you mean business with a professional website.

How life changing would it be for your business to have a site that gets your ideal clients excited and ready to buy?

A website that gives you the confidence to easily say:

“I might be able to help you with that, check out my website to find out more and get in touch.”

“Here’s a link to my site where you can book / sign up.”

“You can find that on my website under…”

It is possible to have a website that builds trust, your brand and not break your bank account.
But you’re busy. Time is at a premium. And the tech stuff; oh God the tech stuff. Who wants to deal with that?

You know much better than to waste your valuable time screwing around in WordPress, Wix or Squarespace trying to do it yourself.

Maybe you’ve tried it and realized that you’re just not qualified. Making a website yourself would take far too much time only to get something you’re not that happy with.

Still, just thinking through all the stuff you need to prepare to get your new site launched can feel very overwhelming.

You’re not a web designer and you’ve got a business to run!

A beautiful, professional and strategic website with the least amount of effort and time possible.

Together we’ll create a website that gives you credibility, legitimacy and online home for your business that you feel good sending people to.

Painlessly and easily get your new site out into the world fast. You’ll feel instant relief when you hand your ‘new website project’ mental load over to my efficient, structured and personable process.

When we’re done you’ll be amazed by the renewed sense of pride, confidence and excitement you’ll have about your business.

 You’ll also get more than just good feelings.

You’ll get a website that generates concrete and tangible results. Results like bookings, a growing pipeline, customers, and visitors turned in to happy clients.

You’ll also have a clean, straightforward, unfussy site which sets you up for success and that you can manage yourself, without techy headaches.

Getting your website live will be easy and painless. I promise.


It starts with one simple step:

My name is Johan Linder and I create websites in WordPress since 2009. Improve your business online with a website from me. I design and maintain websites with care. Check out my custom web site offer and my signature offer for small businesses and startups, website at fixed price. And finally, get a Care Plan to keep your web investment safe. Personal, accountable and affordable web design. I got your back always!




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