A service contract ensures that your website works!

A WordPress website needs daily attention and care. I protect your online investment so it can make business for you. I make updates, monitor uptime and safety, and resolve all unexpected issues. With a service contract, you can concentrate on your core business.


I monitor your site 24/7, otherwise it can’t make you money. If it goes down, I will take immedeate action.


I apply protection against hackers, so your website is safe to visit, and protect your investment and online reputation.


I optimize your site and remove all redundant. A fast loading page is good for business and also good for your SEO.

Daily updates

WordPress and your theme and plugins needs to be constantly updated, mainly for security reasons.


If things go really bad, a recovery from a backup may be the only solution. I make backups regularly.


Contract clients who require my help with new content, images and new products are prioritized.

Yes please, I want you to be my personal IT department!

Order below and get a quote, tailored to your business needs.

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