A support contract ensures your website is working

A WordPress website needs attention & care. I protect your online investment so it can make business for you. I update, monitor and resolve all unexpected. With a contract you can concentrate on your core business.


Your site is monitored around the clock. If it cannot be reached, I get notified and can take action.


I apply protection against hackers, so your website is safe to visit and protects your reputation online.


I check your site, optimize and remove redundant. A fast loading page is good for business and SEO.


WordPress, the theme and plugins needs to be constantly updated, mainly for security reasons.


If things go really bad a recovery from backup may be the only solution. I make backups regularly.


Contract customers who want help with content, images and new products always go past the line.

How does it work?

Submit the form and I will email you a quote. you also get instructions on how to start things up. Support is paid in Euro monthly via direct debit (card) or semi-annual or yearly on invoice.

Also need help with

I have affordable contracts for smaller websites, landing pages and personal blogs From €9/month.

A business that relies on their website financially and where a longer interruption causes loss should choose a company contract. From €28/month.

If you run e-commerce you should opt-in for an e-contract, It provides you with daily care. From €45/month.

Priority assistance: 30min €17/month – 60min €32/month – 90min €46/month – 120min €60/month.

Staging site to test updates before applying to live site €400/year.

Web hosting: Budget €31/year – Company €45/year – E-commerce site according to quotation. SSL included.

Weekly care for the cheaper deals, daily care for the extensive. Backup is done automatically with free recovery.

Assistance is provided weekdays 07-12 CET.

If someone else built your website, I have to evaluate it first, and the actions I propose must be implemented and paid for before I sign a contract with you. This work is always quoted.

My terms and conditions can be found here. Changes are posted in email and Facebook. I always invoice in Euro, converted to your currency if possible.

I am responsible for my actions and I will restore to the most recent backup if I cannot solve a problem.

Troubleshooting and fixing the customer’s actions are charged according to my regular hourly rate. The minimum debit time is 30 minutes.

The more comprehensive contracts include a free monthly report which sums up all my actions and gives you a picture of your site’s status. Report is an add-on for other contracts.

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