Strategy, Optimization & Support

Because you don’t feel like screwing up your website, troubleshooting technical issues, or becoming a digital marketer.

You need a care plan

A contract frees up time to run your business and you don’t have to worry about your website. It just brings you good business.

Think of it this way – you want to trust your car to start every single morning and if you are not a trained car mechanic you will never service your car yourself. Since your business depends on your website working and if you are not a trained developer, you should not do everything yourself.

Many customers have told me that my proactive care plans have saved them many hours and provided real peace of mind. Everything just works!

Doesn’t my hosting do this?

Your web host is responsible for providing and maintaining servers. Problems shutting down all websites on a server? They fix it. But that’s all.

NOTE! Your host is not responsible for keeping your website up and running and they never know when your site has stopped working!

Those who sell “Managed Hosting” make it sound like everything is managed – that’s wrong. When problems arise, they can troubleshoot, but solving the problem is up to you.

So what’s included?

Priority support

Fast response time! I will solve your problem or answer your question the same working day. If you email me in the afternoon or during the evening, you will receive an answer the next day.

If when you need more time with me, we will schedule this.

Let me do something in 10 minutes that would take you 3 hours.

Website improvements

Your website is dynamic, just like your business.

I can help you when you need new pages and blog posts, improve design, edit texts, update content and add new features such as e-commerce, newsletters, etc…

Operation and maintenance

Your website is made up of components that should work well together. Only then will you get a good website. And all these components are constantly updated, mainly for security and to give them better functionality.

If you fail to keep track of this, you expose yourself to unnecessary risks that you simply cannot afford.

Hourly bank with reduced hourly rate

You pay for my working hours in advance and I do what you order. If you want to get more done, just buy more hours.

You can use your hours for anything.

The hourly price is lower the more hours you book.

SEO & ads


My colleagues take care of this because SEO is an incredibly changing world and keeping up with it requires daily commitment. What applied yesterday does not apply today.

My colleagues are of course certified Google Partners.

Video & graphics


I have some very good colleagues who do that for you.

They can do everything from animated explainer videos, logos, commercials, comic strips and illustrations.

What do you need?

Included in all care plans:

Operation monitoring every five minutes
Monitoring of your SSL certificate
Monitored firewall
Updates according to schedule
– Security updates are done immediately
Backup via web hosting or to cloud service
Database optimization according to schedule
Security control according to schedule
Cleaning of spam comments
License for selected themes and plugins
Support via email and Messenger


Check ups 2-3 times per month
From €40/month with yearly payment


Check up once a week
30 minutes assistance per month included
From €65/month with yearly payment


Check ups every weekday
60 minutes assistance per month included
Support also via phone/Whatsapp
From €105/month with yearly payment

Additions (quotation)

Staging site for tests
Performance tests
Domain reputation check
Broken links check
Start up fee charged for sites I didn’t build

Add more hours

5 hours: €360 (€72/h)
10 hours: €670 (€67/h)
20 hours: €1220 (€61/h)
40 hours: €2040 (€51/h)

What can I do for you?

Tell me about your needs and I’ll get back with a quote where I propose a suitable agreement and tell you how to start up!

Which option is the best fit?

My terms and conditions can be read here.
Complete price list (June 5th) can be found here.

My name is Johan Linder and I create websites in WordPress since 2009. Improve your business online with a website from me. I design and maintain websites with care. Check out my custom web site offer and my signature offer for small businesses and startups, website at fixed price. And finally, get a Care Plan to keep your web investment safe. Personal, accountable and affordable web design. I got your back always!





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