A service contract ensures your website is working

A WordPress website needs daily attention and care. I protect your online investment so it can make business for you. I make updates, monitor uptime and safety, and resolve all unexpected issues. With a service contract, you can concentrate on your core business.


Your site is monitored around the clock. If it cannot be reached, I get notified and can take action.


I apply protection against hackers, so your website is safe to visit and protect your online reputation.


I optimize and remove all redundant. A fast loading page is good for business and SEO.


WordPress, the theme and plugins needs to be constantly updated, mainly for security reasons.


If things go really bad a recovery from backup might be the only solution. I make backups regularly.


Contract customers who want help with content, images and new products always go past the line.

Yes please, let me be your personal IT department!

Order below and get a quote, tailored to your business needs. 

Invoice every 6 or 12 months?

Also need help with

FAQ – applies from June 15, 2020

The Service Contract, the base for our collaboration is €30/month.

Add free minutes for troubleshooting and assistance. Or buy hours to a time bank.

E-commerce sites should consider adding on for daily database and also a staging site.

Priority assistance: 30 min €28/month – 60 min €50/month – 90 min €68/month – 120 min €90/month.

Daily database backups to cloud server €3/month.

Link checker with weekly reports €3/month.

Staging site to test updates before applying them to live site by quotation

Web hosting: Budget €31/year – Company €45/year.

If you prefer not to get a contract with free minutes – buy hours to a time bank.

5 hours is €330 (€66/hour)
10 hours is  €600 (€60/hour = 10% discount)

You can use these hours free for all actions on your site. The time I spend on updates and troubleshooting is also pulled from your hours. The paid hours are yours and can be used for all your web sites. Payment is done via bank transfer in several currencies.

  • I back up your database every month as an addition to the site and hosting backups. Should you want more frequent backups please consider the addon.
  • I monitor uptime 24/7 and take action if your site is down for a longer period.
  • I monitor your firewall and update your site daily.
  • If a user is locked out due to wrong login and/or password, I unblock as soon as I know this via email.


  • Normal work hours are weekdays 7-12 CET.
  • I can be reached via phone, email, Messenger, Skype and WhatsApp during work hours. Via email 24/7.

If someone else built your website, I have to evaluate it first. The actions I require must be implemented and paid for before I sign a service contract with you.

My terms and conditions can be read here. All prices and conditions are subject to change. Any changes are notified via email and on the T&C page.

My prices are in Euro and converted to your currency according to official rates. You can pay in EUR, SEK, HKD, USD, GPB, AUD, NZD or THB. It is possible to pay in other currencies but please check with me first.

I am responsible for all actions and if I cannot solve a problem, I will restore your site to the most recent backup. See details on my T&C page here.

Troubleshooting and fixing the customer’s actions are charged according to my regular hourly rates. The minimum debit time is 30 minutes.

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